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Aquariums and Lights

All Preorder items do NOT qualify for loyalty points with Real Reef Canada

Real Reef Canada is a proud certified retail partner with Waterbox Aquariums.


At Waterbox Aquariums, they believe in providing customers with an interactive, educational and fun experience when it comes to saltwater coral and fish keeping. These aquariums are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to create a unique and personal ecosystem. The vision is to help hobbyists achieve long-term success and pleasure, and our aquariums are the perfect tool to do so.


Get started today and experience the beauty of the underwater world!

We also sell lights. Reach out below for your customized quote for all aquariums and lighting.

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Radion XR 15/ XR30 Blue and Pro - G6


AI Hydra 32/64 HD - Black and White

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